11 reasons why you should consider studying robotics or AI

1. Robotics and AI are two of the most exciting and rapidly-growing
fields in technology today.
2. Robotics and AI offer a unique combination of intellectual challenge
and practical application.

3. Robotics and AI are interdisciplinary, meaning they
draw on knowledge from various disciplines, such as mathematics, computer
science, engineering, and psychology.

4. Robotics and AI are used in various settings, including
manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and consumer products.

5. Robotics and AI technology is constantly evolving, which means that
there are always new challenges to solve and new applications to

6. Robotics and AI research are at the forefront of scientific
discovery, leading the way in few areas such as machine learning and
artificial intelligence.

7. Robotics and AI offer the opportunity to positively impact society,
whether it be through developing more efficient manufacturing processes
or improving healthcare delivery.

8. Robotics and AI jobs are among the most well-paid in the technology
industry, and the demand for these skills is only going to increase in
the future.

9. Robotics and AI offer a unique blend of theoretical and practical
work, allowing you to apply your knowledge to real-world problems.

10. Studying robotics or artificial intelligence will give you a
valuable skill set in high demand in the years to come.

11. It is much less likely that a machine will replace an artificial intelligence or robotics expert.

12. You can also be an entrepreneur in artificial intelligence or robotics,                                                     which will give you many more advantages if you succeed.

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