9 things you can start doing in order to prevent robots and artificial intelligence from leaving you without a job.

One robot sits and another stands

1. Examine to what extent your profession is in danger of being replaced by machines.

2. Expand your knowledge and start listening to lectures on YouTube, reading articles, and listening to podcasts about the future of the world in the era of AI and Robots.

3. Take online computer programming, artificial intelligence, and robotics courses.

4. Be interested in entrepreneurship because in an era of job uncertainty, being an entrepreneur is another exciting option.

5. Try to start being as curious as possible, ask questions, and develop creativity because what human qualities robots do not yet have is our advantage as humans.

6. Start becoming a technology freak because if you have not figured it out by now, those who are afraid of technology are in greater danger of being kicked out of the future world of work.

7. Go through the technology sections of the economic websites once a day and read at least the headlines of the articles to see where the technological and economic world is going; maybe it will give you ideas and insights about yourself.

8. Don’t believe those who tell you that robots and artificial intelligence will never take your job and that everything will go on as usual.

9. Look at what people who are afraid of losing their jobs to machines write on social networks and forums about their professional future; maybe it will give you new ideas.

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