Are robots intelligent?

intelligent robot

Robots are increasingly becoming a staple in our society, but are they intelligent? This is a question that scientists and researchers are still trying to answer.

There is no doubt that robots are capable of doing some pretty amazing things. They can carry out complex tasks and even communicate with us using natural language. Nevertheless, does this mean that they are actually intelligent?

The answer to this question is still not clear. Some experts believe that robots could eventually become as intelligent as humans, while others think that they will never achieve true intelligence.

One thing is for sure; robots are getting smarter every day. So, the question of whether or not they are intelligent is one that we will continue to explore in the years to come.

I think that robots have a baby’s intelligence because the technology of artificial intelligence is at the beginning; as the technology matures, Even the most skeptical will understand that the robots learn consistently from their experience but mainly from the experience of all robots together, upgrade the software and hardware for the robots, be sure we don’t stand a chance against the robots, in the end they will overtake us at the speed of light.


In the future, they will be able to connect the robot’s electronics and software to stem cells that will be grown in the lab, and this can give the robots another dimension of intelligence and perhaps also emotions, which, if you put it all together, it may or may not depend on whom you ask to be self-awareness.

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