Artificial intelligence that will be installed on a quantum computer in the future may surprise you

Artificial intelligence will be capable of much more than you imagine

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence that will be installed on a quantum computer in the future may surprise you.

There are people who live in the past and think that if the robots of the 80s didn’t take our jobs, the robots of 2025 won’t either, but there are many differences between the periods that will be described later.

A quantum computer can calculate in a few seconds what today’s supercomputer can calculate in thousands of years. Through the trinity of these technologies, it will be possible to solve the following technological mysteries.

Age reversal does not just stop aging; these come back to be younger, let us say be a week younger with each passing day.

Cultured meat customized to your taste buds, meat that tastes like heaven.

Artificial intelligence can produce a movie that will be adapted to what you like in a few minutes.

To be your advisor for any problem.

Cure any disease immediately and even prevent all diseases.

You will open a spaceship that will be able to visit in a split second anywhere in the universe and possibly parallel universes as well.

Travel in time to the future and the past, for example, to the days of the Tanakh when Moshe received the Torah at Mount Sinai.

It will be able to speed up the research on stem cells, and thus it will be possible to produce organs for transplantation, including hands or feet, for people who need a transplant.

There will be perfect medicines without side effects that will solve any medical problem perfectly and immediately.

Artificial intelligence

In addition, it will be possible to connect cells grown in the laboratory to artificial intelligence and the quantum computer and create awareness for artificial intelligence and the ability to feel and think creatively with imagination.

stem cells


Imagine what an artificial intelligence that is a thousand times smarter than the most intelligent human and thinks a billion times faster will be able to invent.

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