How many hours of housework can a robot save you during a year?

We do the housework for quite a few hours during the day, which includes cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry, so how many hours of work can a robot that does the housework save us over the course of a whole year and free up time for other things in life.

An hour and a half of cleaning the house a day.
Half an hour of washing on average per day.
Preparing food and cleaning the kitchen two hours a day.
Shopping for one hour a day.
This amounts to four and a half hours of work per day if you multiply it by 365 days.
This means that a robot may save 1642.5 housework per year which means 68 and a half days of non-stop work 24/7.


One of the things we lack the most all the time in life, besides money, is time, so robots that will do the tedious and repetitive tasks instead of us can free up precious time for the things we love.

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