Job loss due to robots- is it a myth or reality?


Job loss due to robots has been a hot topic in recent years. As robots
become increasingly advanced, there’s a fear that they’ll automate many
roles that have traditionally been done by humans. this might result in
mass unemployment and a decrease in wages.
However, it’s important to recollect that robots aren’t new. they need
been employed in manufacturing for many years. And while they need to be
led to some job losses, they need also to create new jobs. for
instance, someone must design and build robots, and someone must
maintain them. additionally, robots can help businesses be more
productive, which might cause growth and new jobs.
So far, the evidence suggests that robots haven’t had a significant
impact on job losses. But it’s still a period of time. As robots become
more widespread, we’ll have to monitor things closely to create sure
that workers aren’t adversely affected., someone must maintain them, and
someone must operate them. So while there could also be some
displacement of workers, overall robots can create new opportunities.
It is also worth noting that not all job losses thanks to automation are
In many cases, robots can automate dangerous or difficult jobs,
resulting in improved safety and dealing conditions for humans. for
instance, robots are increasingly being employed in mining and
The world is changing and so are we!  The professions that have
been around for a while might be at risk of being replaced by
robots or artificial intelligence, mainly professions that have
a lot of repetition of the same actions:
  • Taxi and truck drivers.
  • Telemarketers.
  • Cooks and confectioners.
  • Cleaning workers.
  • Cashiers.
  • Security and guard personnel.
For those whose profession is at risk of being replaced by robots,
it’s time to start planning your professional future.
In my personal opinion, it is not at all certain that your country will
take care of yourself, so it is important that you prepare yourself for
this uncertain future of robots and AI.
It is important to remember that the process of automation does
not happen in one day, it is a process, the investments in automation
and robotics are only getting stronger and as they bear fruit they will also
be felt in the world of work.
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