We are afraid that AI will take over the world, but there is a reason why it will save us

How artificial intelligence might save us from ourselves


Global warming, which is followed by the melting of glaciers that may drown our coastal cities someday in the future, could happen in a few years, and there will be no time and ability ever to prepare because most of the world’s population and economies are located in coastal cities, we are no longer talking about the endless waste that we fail to recycle, pollution and more and more.

In my opinion, the problem is that we humans will not be able to develop enough advanced technology to save us from natural disasters before the less advanced technology we have developed destroys the planet.

Therefore, the only solution that can save us is artificial intelligence with quantum computing that will speed up technological progress a hundredfold or a millionfold so that humanity will have technologies that will be able to turn the wheel back on everything related to global warming and develop clean energy that will replace all polluting fuel and all in a concise time frame Because there isn’t much time.

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