Who said that artificial intelligence would fight humans? Maybe it will have other wars

Maybe artificial intelligence will have completely different programs that can't be imagined today, even in science fiction books, Because we simply do not currently know to understand everything that is going to be!

There are many people who fear that machines are becoming more and more intelligent and fear that one-day artificial intelligence will have awareness and take over the world.
This concern is certainly justified, and it is clear where it comes from.
But I want to raise another possibility that I have no way of knowing if it is true. Therefore, it is only a possibility or a point for thought.

But there probably won’t be one artificial intelligence; there will be many of these and more than one in each country. Maybe those smart machines will fight each other instead of us.

artificial intelligence

It may be much more complex than one artificial intelligence that has many and each with its own opinions and interests, just like humans.

After all, there are countless countries and companies that are developing artificial intelligence and quantum computers, and then there could be a fight between those smart machines just as there would be a fight between robots when all the human soldiers are replaced by robots.

After all, when the machines are so smart, they won’t see us as a threat to the other machines.

The question I can’t currently get an answer to is what will be left of the world after all these machines fight each other or will the universe even remain?

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