Why cooks and pastry chefs should be concerned about robots and artificial intelligence

The technological world is changing every day, and this will already have a theatrical effect on the world of work, in fact, on all of us.

robot chef

As robots and artificial intelligence become more advanced, they are beginning to enter the workforce in various industries. This includes the food industry, where cooks and pastry chefs compete increasingly with machines.

While some may view this as a threat to their jobs, many benefits come with working with robots. For instance, robots can be more precise than humans when it comes to measuring ingredients, and they never get tired or need a break.

It is up to you, cook or pastry chef, to decide whether you want to embrace this new technology or not. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential impact of robots on the profession.

I am sorry to tell you I do not think that even if you adopt the robots as a cook, it will help you survive in the profession in the age of artificial intelligence because when the robots can perform all the cooking and baking tasks at a cheaper or the exact cost, there will no longer be a need for a human cook.

robot chef

If, in a few years, a robot cook will cost half of what it costs to have a human cook and the robot will have countless advantages, what are your chances as a cook to find a job in five or ten years? It is enough for the robot to work three times faster and more accurately than a human cook, and at half the price, this will leave no chance for this profession anymore.

confectioner robot

I’m sure that just as a car already drives autonomously, eventually, a robot will also be able to do all the kitchen work autonomously, including finding the best and appropriate recipe, ordering products that are missing in the kitchen, and much more.

A robot chef sits in an autonomous vehicle and cooks
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