Why this time, artificial intelligence and robots will surely take our jobs

Robots and artificial intelligence will arrive this time with new abilities in the workplace.


It’s no secret that artificial intelligence and robots are becoming more advanced. They can already do many things humans can, and they’re only improving. So it’s only natural to wonder: will AI and robots eventually take our jobs?


The short answer is: yes, AI and robots will take our jobs. They’re already starting to do so. AI is responsible for the loss of millions of jobs worldwide. The robots will continue to improve, and they will not stop.


There are a few reasons why AI and robots will continue to take our jobs:


    1. They’re more efficient than humans. They can work faster and make fewer mistakes.
    2. They’re cheaper to hire than humans.
    3. In many cases, they don’t need things like health insurance or vacation days.
    4. They don’t get tired, and they don’t need breaks.
    5. Robots will have senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, allowing them to orient themselves in space like humans and even much better because their senses will be much sharper than ours.
    6. A robot will be able to understand natural language, allowing them to communicate with humans and other robots.
    7. Robots are being developed made of lighter materials than in the past, which requires much less energy to operate the machines.
    8. The batteries that exist are much lighter than before and contain much more energy, which allows robots to operate much longer between charges.
    9. The robot’s chips are much faster, which makes it possible to install much more complex software on the robot that allows the robot to perform complex operations in a much shorter time.
    10. The robot’s chips are much faster, making it possible to install much more complex software on the robot, allowing it to perform complex operations in a much shorter time.
    11. Unlike in the past, today, there is high-speed wireless communication such as 5g; the robot can also connect to the cloud and perform image processing and other operations, further increasing its capabilities.
    12. Since there are so many differences between the 1980s and now robots, the robots of today have so many advantages over the robots of the past, and if those advantages are combined together, it is simply inevitable.





So what should we do, humans? Well, it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes, AI and robots will take our jobs, but they’ll also create new ones. We must be prepared for the change and adapt to the new world. Along with in the long run they will take more jobs from us than the new jobs the robots created and also the new jobs they will eventually learn to do.


It is impossible to know today what people will have left to do and what they will earn a living. Whether the state will take care of them, it is essential to keep up to date and constantly check whether your profession is adapted to the technological changes. As time goes by, we will have more answers.


robot speak to another robot
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