Will artificial intelligence and robots deepen the social and economic gaps or reduce them?

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There is no doubt that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are having a profound impact on our economy and society. They are already transforming many industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, and their potential is vast.

Also, there is concern that robots and AI will deepen the social and economic divide between those who can benefit from these technologies and those who cannot.

There is no question that robots and AI can create incredible wealth and opportunity. However, unless we are careful, they could also exacerbate existing inequalities. So we need to make sure that everyone has a chance to benefit from these technologies.

Otherwise, we risk creating a future in which the rich get richer and the poor get left behind.

When autonomous vehicles operated by giant corporations replace all taxi drivers, trucks, and buses, those drivers will lose their jobs, and most of them will not find another job; then, it is clear that there will be a deepening of the economic gaps.

Moreover, what about other professions such as cooks, confectioners, cleaners, cashiers, and many other professions that have been in the sights of robots and artificial intelligence for a long time?

Basically, someone who is an expert, for example, in artificial intelligence, data science, quantum computing, and robotics, will earn more, and people who engage in professions that are beginning to be replaced by learning and smart machines will initially earn less and in the end, will find themselves without a source of income.

By the way, I am thinking about this more deeply, when people lose their jobs en masse, some of them will go to study artificial intelligence, robotics, and other required professions, and if there is no need for so many workers in these fields, even in the professions of advanced technology, there may be a decrease in wages or unemployment, the world of work The future is so uncertain that there is no way to know for sure what will be and how it will be, we will probably learn about the results of technological progress as we go.

Suppose there is no regulatory government intervention that will distribute the wealth in a just way in the era of intelligent machines and artificial intelligence machines through regulations will be set ahead of time; in my opinion, in such a situation, the social and economic gaps will deepen as we have never seen before.

I don’t see the world preparing significantly for the day when robots will replace us in the workplace, there are steps that some countries are taking, but it doesn’t seem to me that they are doing the maximum to prepare the population for the day when robots will take our livelihood. It may be that the politicians do not believe that such a crisis could happen.

The first conclusion I come to is that each of us must first take care of his future, examine how much our profession is in danger of being replaced by artificial intelligence, and what we can do to prepare for the new era because I would not trust the countries to take care of me.

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