Will robots and AI replace doctors?

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Will we see robot doctors in our lifetime?

There is no doubt that robots and AI are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. They are already being used in many different industries, including healthcare. But will they eventually replace doctors?

There is no easy answer to this future and complex question. It depends on several factors, including robots and AI’s roles in healthcare and how well they can perform those tasks.

Robots are even used in surgeries. But AI has not reached the point where it can completely replace doctors. There are still many tasks that AI cannot do as well as humans, such as empathizing with patients and providing emotional support. However, AI is gradually getting better at these tasks, so it is possible that robots and AI could eventually replace doctors in the future.

Some people believe that robots and AI will never be able to replace doctors because they lack the human touch completely. However, others argue that robots and AI could eventually outperform doctors, especially in tasks like diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Only time will tell whether robots and AI will eventually replace doctors. For now, we can only wait and see how these technologies develop and how they are used in healthcare.

Would you agree to have a robot decide what medications and what treatment you will receive?

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